The Ultimate Site User Guide

Hello to all my FRIENDS no matter WHERE YOU ARE

and to those in my beloved Home Country Malaysia,  Greetings and…


We are going to take it that YOU know NOTHING, Zero, Zilch about this business or what it’s all about as much as WE do not know from which Background or Country you are coming from, SO I’m going to do you a BIG favor by NOT filling you up with

  • Big Bombastic Words but simple basic English for your understanding
  • all the Jargon and Motivation that we have read and heard time and time again
  • pictures of all the Jets and Yachts
  • too much of the deep Technicalities of the Business!…

… BUT we will be walking with you SideBySide with this SIMPLE STEP BY STEP GUIDE on how to use this SITE.

(We know and understand that many usually get lost in tabs and pages when visiting a Site, hence the purpose of this GUIDE) 

WE WANT it to be SIMPLE, FUN and PRODUCTIVE for you 😉

WE ALL KNOW what we LOOK FORWARD TO, DREAM OF and WANT, period!.User Guide

By providing you with this GUIDE, you will be able to get the BEST out of this Site, so we ask for your FULL COMMITMENT and SOME INDULGING TIME to take this INFORMATIVE WALK THROUGH with us.  Got your Coffee ready? Try NOT TO get distracted and deviate and anytime you get lost in transition, just COME BACK ‘HOME’ to this Page and continue down the Pages again, Deal?  🙂

Frankly, the entire Business Module and Operations will be thoroughly and clearly explained in the Back Office of the Business. 

However, my Team and I will try to be as helpful as we can and provide you with as much details as possible as we go along, based on what we feel will be the Public’s General interests and requirements.  Use ‘Contact Us’ and Emails for communication.

It’s going to be STRAIGHT to the POINT and FROM the HEART, so let’s…

… take the ride and GET STARTED!

STEP 1 ~ What is the Product?

First and foremost,  PLEASE NOTE and YOU MUST KNOW THAT


(pronounced ‘YOB’…’SUHN’)

… is the Acronym for ‘Your Own Branded Social Network’.

and that’s what it absolutely implies.  It is ‘YOUR OWN’ … ‘BRANDED SOCIAL NETWORK’!.  That’s it!


STEP 2 ~ YGNL and SBS?  Get to know us.

Firstly, Let us Introduce ourselves


STEP 3 ~ Free Member Benefits

  • Wait!  Before we proceed, here’s what you do…

  • Not only will you be showered with all the benefits and immediately earn 30 Social Points but you will get a ‘Hands on’ experience on what your New ‘FREE’ Social Network Page will look like. Great right? Well, click the banner below (or the 3rd Menu Page Tab on your left) and we’ll explain it over there…


(remember it’s back here after that! okay?)



  • Now, we move on to the Most Important Menu Page of all, where you will come to understand further, on what this Business is all About!.  Click here for the Prelude page of the ‘YOBSN Global Information Site’.

 (now you’re getting good at this aren’t you?)



 STEP 6, 7 & 8

  •  If you have not signed up with us BY NOW, WHY?


  • OK, then continue first along Menu Pages 6, 7 & 8 on the Left and then ‘Contact Us’ for any further details required.  



Just Me Sincerely, God Bless



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